1. System Description

MPS Front Panel

The Bridge12 Microwave Power Source (MPS) is a compact, high-power microwave source for X-Band (9 GHz) Overhauser Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (O-DNP) spectroscopy. It is a turn-key, easy to operate, stand-alone microwave source. The microwave radiation is generated using a phase-locked digital synthesizer and amplified using a high-power microwave amplifier. The system constantly monitors the forward and reflected power and features safety mechanisms that will disable the microwave output power if the reflected power exceeds a safe value. The system can control an external waveguide switch to alternate between EPR and DNP operation. The Bridge12 MPS is a versatile research instrument which can be operated as a stand-alone unit, or integrated into an existing EPR spectrometer.

1.1. Front Panel Elements

MPS Front Panel

Figure 1.1 Bridge12 MPS Front Panel

The following control and display elements of the Bridge12 MPS are located on the front panel (see Figure 1.1)

  1. 5” TFT Display

  2. Buttons to control the frequency or microwave power

  3. Rotary encoder

  4. Switch to select between EPR and DNP operation

  5. Microwave ON/OFF button

  6. Waveguide switch and DIO connector

  7. SMA breakout cable

  8. Front panel connectors for Receiver Monitor (Rx, analog), Transmitter Monitor (Tx, analog), Sweep Trigger (digital, TTL), External Trigger (digital, TTL), External 10 MHz reference input

  9. RF Output (SMA connection)

1.2. Back Panel Elements

MPS Back Panel

Figure 1.2 Bridge12 MPS Back Panel

The following elements are located on the back pane (see Figure 1.2)

  1. System power ON/OFF switch

  2. Fuse

  3. Power connection

  4. USB connection (A type)


Only use the power supply delivered with the system for powering the MPS.

The USB connection is for remote operation only. Do not connect any other auxiliary devices (e.g. phones, tablets etc.) to provide power.